Welcome to the Pers-n-Medow Kittens. Persian Cat Breeder located in Oregon. Here you will find what we have for sale.

NOTE: Due to a busy schedule the kittens page is not always up-to-date. However we are still breeding and encourage you to contact us.

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Available kittens are below the book.


'Share the Light' by Vicki Graves

The book Share the Light by Vicki Graves is available, print on demand, at, and . 'Share the Light' will also be available on e-book readers soon.
It may also be purchased from this web site ( for $14.95 plus $2.00 for postage.

Book Overview:
Share the Light is an inspirational collection of true stories and life experiences. It contains a wealth of spiritual and self-help information for anyone seeking spiritual growth and healing. Some of these stories are heartbreaking, while others are beacons of hope, encouraging the reader not to give in to discouragement. By living in the present and knowing when to let go of the past, we can learn to move toward that welcoming light at the end of the tunnel.

We have kittens for sale!!

Dam:Pers n Medow Annie's Classy Alexee
Sire:Pers n Medow's Raven's Bandit

DOB:March 18th,2016

#1 White/Black (M) SOLD
#2 Tortiseshell (Fe) SOLD

Available ..$300 each


Dam: Pers n Medow's Henrietta's Henny
Sire:Pers n Medow Gwendolen's Rogue

DOB: March 30th, 2016

#1 Blue Point Himilayan (Fe) SOLD
#2 Seal Point Himilayn (M) SOLD

Kittens available approx. May 25th-June1st

$300 each


Dam: Pers n Medow Rosie Ann 
Sire:Pers n Medow Zorro

DOB: April 2nd, 2016

#1 Black/White (M)
#2 Black/White (M)

Available May 28th-June 4th

Kittens are $300 each


Pers n Medow Sugar Rum's Sabina
Sire: Snowman of Pers n Medow

DOB:April 11th, 

Group picture
White (M) SOLD with deposit to hold
Shaded Tortiseshell (Fe)
Tortiseshell Smoke (Fe) SOLD with deposit to hold

Available approx. June 6th-June13th

Kittens are $300 each



*Prices* Pet prices- $300 & up, Breeding $500 & up, Show-$800-up. $400 pet price for dominant and dilute calicoes. I do offer references.
*Deposits* I do take deposits at any time to hold a kitten, they are non-refundable. They may be applied to another kitten should death of kitten occur or customer wishes to change their choice. One year health warranty on all congenital problems with certificate from vet of autopsy, etc.
*PayPal* I also except deposit's and payments using this service. It is completely safe and secure. Click the button to send me a payment.

Click Here to send a payment via PayPal.
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*Shipping* Services are provided. All incurred shipping costs are paid by buyer, (carrier, health certificate,etc.) All costs, including price of kitten must be paid for in advance. Kittens are ready to ship approx between the ages of 8-10 weeks
*Contracts* will be provided with all kitten sales. There is a one year health warranty on all congenital problems, such as heart, kidney, with vet certificate of testing or autopsy. There is no monetary refund, but repacement of kitten of equal or greater value depending upon availability. *Contact* To contact us regarding kittens or anything else please send an email to Vicki at


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